Treasured Past By Alexei Butirskiy

Treasured Past  - New!
36 x 25
By Alexei Butirskiy

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Treasured Past  
36 x 25

States Alexei:

“With this painting, I have indulged myself in the nostalgia of Paris. In the background is a Paris cityscape, as seen through my window.

In the foreground is a bust of the ageless Egyptian queen Nefertiti, atop a stack of ancient books.

This timeless symbol of beauty is almost brought back to life in the soft light of a single candle. A plain antique vase holds dried twigs.  Other aging artifacts include family pictures and a stack of tattered letters.

These are the treasured roots of our past.  Beauty and art are immortal and will be with us always, as our legacy to future generations.”

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