Butirskiy Show May 18, 2013                FREE FRAME OFFER……expires soon!!!


ButirskiywBandzRussian Painter Alexei Butirskiy returns to Piccadilly’s Fine Art this May 18th for an exclusive, one-day only, “off-site” event hosted at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Independence, Oh.

On Saturday, May 18th, you can witness painting demonstrations by the artist plus the debut of his newest works. Over 50 amazing works will be available for purchase during the show.

Our open reception will feature a day and evening schedule… from 2 to 4 pm and then an evening reception from 6 to 9 pm.

CrownPlazaSpecial room rates will be provided by the hotel for all out of town guests.

Take advantage of the savings and the amenities that the Crowne Plaza Hotel has to offer. The hotel is conveniently located off Interstates 77 and 480 and minutes from the airport.

Free airport shuttle service is available for all hotel guests.

Contact me directly if you have any questions……888-579-4300



What are artist proofs?

Many successful artists will create a limited edition, called a signed and numbered (S/N) edition and an artist proof edition (AP).

Historically, the artist proofs were the first prints created and ultimately inspected or “proofed” by the artist. If those prints met the artist’s critical approval, they were set aside and the rest of the edition was printed.

Today, most publishers limited the artist proof edition to 10 percent of the signed and numbered edition, making it more limited and potentially more valuable. Because of the limited number, it can be the first group to sell out from the publisher. Extra attention and detail is added to each artist proof edition.

Generally, the cost of Butirskiy’s artist proof edition is $500.00 over the signed and numbered edition. As his edition sells out, however, the prices will more than double. Always try to get the work at the opening or issue price.

Here is a preview of some of the images that will be available for the show.  Click on any image to enlarge. 
View our Butirskiy Gallery for the complete collection.



Central Park
28 x 34
(S/N edition of 195)
(AP edition of 20)


City of Love 
36 x 27
(S/N edition of 195)
(AP edition of 20)


Autumn Leaves 
24 x 36
(S/N edition of 395)
(AP edition of 40)


Treasured Past 
36 x 25
(S/N edition of 195)
(AP edition of 20)


An Evening in Prague 
28 x 36
(S/N edition of 195)
(AP edition of 20)


Passage Home 
40 x 24
(S/N edition of 195)
(AP edition of 20)


We have teamed up with our frame suppliers to offer you a FREE Museum Frame presentation on ANY limited edition of your choice. That’s a 300.00 to 400.00 dollar savings.

Select from our most popular frame presentations. Order Today.

Two Tone Burl

Tri Level

Black Scoop




An additional $100.00 will be added for silk liners on signed and numbered edition.
The silk liner will be complimentary on all Artist Proof editions.




If you would prefer to work with a local framer in your area, you can order your work rolled and in a tube and save even more money. Either way, framed or rolled, you save hundreds of dollars.

Can’t attend the show in person?
No problem.
I will personally make sure your favorite Butirskiy
gets on the artist’s easel for extra embellishments and a show dedication on the back of your canvas.

Visit our Butirskiy Gallery to view the complete collection and share your favorite works on your Facebook page.     

MORE LIMITED EDITIONS…… click on images to enlarge.


Alexei’s Pride
28 x 40
(S/N edition of 395)
(AP edition of 40)


I Love Paris 
30 x 25
(S/N edition of 195)
(AP edition of 20)


Gallerie Royale, Thomas 
18 x 28
(S/N edition of 195)
(AP edition of 20)


My Favorite Place 
22 x 26
(S/N edition of 195)
(AP edition of 20)


The Crown 
20 x 29
(S/N edition of 195)
(AP edition of 20)


Distant Steeples 
20 x 28
(S/N edition of 195)
(AP edition of 20)

* As a special offer, all artist proofs will come with the silk liner presentation at NO charge.


Remember, if you can’t attend the May 18th event… We’ll still honor the FREE frame and will make sure your Butirskiy gets on the artist’s easel for the show remarque and dedication.

FREE “Twilight at Piccadilly’s”
For all pre-orders for the new Platinum Edition or Artist Proof edition, you will also receive a framed “Twilight at Piccadilly’s” as our thank you gift.

Supplies are very limited and this offer only applies for the Platinum and Artist Proof editions.
With your purchase, your artwork will be placed on Butirskiy’s easel, and he will add extra paint to your canvas, dedicate the back, and re-sign your work. Personal dedications will also be available.

How about adding your puppy to the painting or a crescent moon peaking between the trees? These are just some suggestions to add to your piece to make it yours.

Just tell me what dedication you would like on the back of your canvas and I'll make sure that the artist completes your wishes. When you call 888-579-4300, we can make all the decisions about framing, dedications, and extra embellishments and I will guarantee your satisfaction.

To secure your place on Alexei's easel, we are requiring a 50 percent deposit. Your final payment will be made the day of the show.

Over a dozen new originals will be shown for the May event. Alexei will have original watercolors starting around $2,950.00, original acrylics starting around $8,500.00 and oils on canvas starting around $14,500.00. Interest-free financing is always available.

If this is the year to add an original to your wall, we have some very special incentives that will save you a lot of money.

A complete “unpublished” listing of all oils, acrylics, watercolors and drawings are available upon request. Just e-mail me at fineart@piccadillys.com and I will send you the link and provide you with pre-show details. Special “pre show” pricing on any commissioned work is also being offered with interest free payment plans.

Hope you take advantage of our special offers.                                                                                 

Remember, these offers are for "pre-order" works during the month of April.
Order today and save.

Thanks for your interest and your time.

PJ Campbell

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PS: These offers are only valid in April.
Don’t delay.

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