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It was truly my pleasure to work with you at Piccadilly's Fine Art. You are the most professional and trust-worthy individual I have worked with in a long time. You run your business with honesty, diligence, and very efficient processes. I was more than pleased with how you handled a difficulty we encountered with our custom framer. You never wavered in your decision to back your product and you were extremely helpful throughout the entire process.
I will always come to Piccadilly's first when searching for any other art. 

Catherine R
Grand Prairie, TX


I must admit that I had some reservations about buying a piece of artwork off the Internet, especially since we had not seen the piece in person. My wife, Mary, insisted that we had nothing to lose with your generous return policies.

The fact that you took the time to provide us with mock ups of how Romantic  Encounters would look in our living room made all the difference in the world to us. Even giving us suggested frame presentations was very helpful. When you volunteered to look for framers in our area to assist us with this project, that really sealed the deal. We love Butirskiy's work so much and I am sure we will be contacting you in the future for our second piece. What a pleasurable experience this is been doing business with you. It's nice to find small businesses that have such integrity.

 Jim & Mary M
Greenville, PA

Dear PJ,

I want to thank you for all the help that you have provided.

Arvid did an exceptional job on our “Just in Case” and his remarque on the back was totally unexpected.

I'll bet you had something to do with that? We just picked up the piece from the framer that you suggested and we hung it on our wall tonight. It's perfect. Now we're ready to open a great bottle of wine and celebrate our first piece of artwork from you. You exceeded our expectations. 

We will be back.

George & Karen
Scottsdale, AZ


In this crazy world, it's not often that we find a person with integrity and genuine concern for our satisfaction.

Thank you for making our first purchase of fine art such a positive and pleasurable experience. Providing us with the photo preview really help to make our decision. And I can't tell you the number of times people have stopped over and admired our Arvid. Thanks for your great service. We plan on making this an annual anniversary celebration.

Jamie & Char S
Aurora, CO

PS: As a small business owner, I know that working with the owner of the business is always the best way to go. You treat people just like you wish to be treated.

Hi PJ,

Yes, it arrived and was in perfect condition due, I'm certain, to your impeccable packing. 

We love the piece.  I'm still trying to decide where it will finally reside. 

Please keep me posted on future offerings.  Thank you for making this such a seamless process.


Carolyn F
Bentonville AR

Hi PJ,

Received the Butirskiy yesterday in perfect condition. 

I think the FEDEX guy even liked delivering it because of your creative and thoughtful packaging. 

It was more like receiving a gift than a purchase.  Thanks.

We like it so much we would like to buy another one of his works. 

Would you have a recommendation?  We will look through his book that you sent along.

I have to say that this was a really great adventure.  We will have to come and visit you some time.

Have a nice Christmas PJ.  Let's talk soon.

Larry W
Stillwater MN


My husband just called my office to let me know the shipment had arrived – he said the crate is in perfect condition. 

He was thrilled to see the handles!  We’ll open it tonight, but expect no surprises.  I can’t wait to see your next artwork.

Once again want to express my gratitude for all the extra effort - gift giving always feels good, but to give such a meaningful gift is an amazing feeling. 


Rox  B
Lake Geneva, WI


You have done a wonderful job helping us throughout this process.  

We have made a decision and are ready to make a purchase! I will give you a call mid-morning.

Thank you!

Kerry  P
Vacaville, CA


We got it, thank you! You do a superpower job

PJ, the best I have dealt with and would certainly buy from you again.

Have you ever carried Edward Gordon?

Dave J
Waban, MA


Really cute . . . pretty hard not to spoil them. (referring to Bowie and Ziggy)

Anyhow, thanks again. We were really reluctant to shop for gallery quality artwork on line, but you made it a pleasure. I’m sure we’ll enjoy the “Sidewalk Poet” for many years to come.

Dave D
Vancouver, BC


Sorry it took me a bit to get back to you.  Things have been kind of crazy here recently.  Hope you had a nice holiday.  We are so happy to let you know that we love our Arvid.  It looks really great in our living room.  I am actually 9 months pregnant right now so we are still looking forward to opening a really nice bottle of wine once I have the baby and celebrating our new piece of artwork.

The "remarque carton" was really great.  The drawing was a nice touch as was the handle that made the piece really easy to carry into the house.

 I will definitely send you a picture soon.  


Stephanie  H
Avon Lake, OH


I want to thank you for the great service, and hope to do business again in the near future.

I have not opened the package yet, I may wait until Christmas.

I hope you have a great holiday season as well.

Talk to you soon!

Conshohocken, PA

We LOVE it!!

The frame is great - it does not look distressed at all and the framing really compliments the picture.

We forgot how beautiful the painting is, and like the smoke from the chimneys also.

We have not hung it yet, that might take a while, but will use your tips.

It is just great! Thank you PJ!

Also - the Twilight at Piccadiliy's is very cool! Thank you.

Sydney and Paul


It arrived in perfect condition, thank you.

I'm not opening it because it is packed very well so am not able to see your Twilight at Piccadilly.

I am sure they are both wonderful, I will have my daughter take a picture of them so

I can see them up on her walls.

Again thank you for making this transaction a pleasurable experience.

Have a wonderful week-end.

Veronica Baton Rouge LA

Picture arrived Wednesday evening.

In perfect condition and looking wonderful!

My husband was very impressed by framing and he loved the personalized touch.

Can't thank you enough for making our internet purchase of this great art piece so easy!

Thanks again PJ for all your help and time with my many questions.

I will definitely use you for future art purchases and will recommend you to anyone else interested in art and great customer service!!


Laurie Arlington, VA

Well, let's be thankful you went the extra mile in pulling off a great wrapping

job on the 2 paintings, they arrived about an hour ago, with one side of the

box bashed in and patch tape applied by FedEx everywhere

(but no acknowledgement that it was done by them.....odd?).

All was fine, due to the cardboard tubes, and they'll be hung by this evening.

Thank's for the trust,

PJ, sadly, not all that common anymore.

Stunning work!!

~ Noel Bellingham WA

Hi PJ,

PJ!!! Got them and they’re absolutely PERFECT....!!! Thank you so much for the ‘second to none’ service, professionalism and friendliness..... I’ll be back ......  Just thrilled with them......   one question.... does it matter if they’re hung in sunlight?

Salt Lake City, NV

Hi PJ.

 I gave Krista the Butirskey yesterday and she was absolutely thrilled, even more so than when I got her a diamond necklace from Tiffany’s several years ago. In some ways I think this makes an even better gift than jewelry since most jewelry spends 99.9% of its time hidden away in a drawer but this she will see every day.

She had no idea that it was coming. 

Thanks for your help, PJ.

San Diego, Ca


PJ, I just had to write and tell you what a wonderful time we had at your show and meeting Alexei. Watching him paint was such a treat, his talent is astounding. We love our "A Cold Winter’s Morning" and just can’t stop staring at its haunting beauty. And, thank you for all the great service

Julie and Mike
Chardon, OH

Dear Piccadilly’s,

We just received our piece ìSerenityî today and it arrived in perfect condition. I can’t believe that way it was packed. Everything you do is first class and we appreciate it so much. Thanks again...

Todd and Lynette
Nashville, Tn

Dear PJ,

We love going gallery hopping, but we’ve never been to a gallery like yours. The paintings are beautiful, the service is impeccable, and thank you for teaching us about collecting great art. Butirskiy's "Room with a View" is just breathtaking and reminds us of our home in Florida. Thanks and take care, we’ll see you soon again...

Deb and David

Bay Village/Tampa, FL

PJ, We traveled all the way from Boston to meet Alexei. It was worth every moment.

Ed & Priscilla S
Boston, MA

We never ordered a piece of art over the internet before. We had some reservations but your policies gave us assurance. When we received Fed Ex notification that our artwork was on its way, we were so excited. To be honest, we figured you would put a cheap frame of the piece. You did not and we are so please with A Cold Winter's Night. I promise to send you photos the next time I get my camera out. Will Alexei be returning to the gallery next year? We'd love to attend. Keep us on your mailing list. 

Dave and Nan L  
Chicago, IL

Wow! We just love our April in Paris. It has so much meaning to us. We honeymooned there many years ago. Thanks, PJ for the great job. Now my neighbor wants a Butirskiy for her home. You were right. They are addicting. Bob really likes "A Room with a View". Maybe next year. Thanks again.

Bob and Marie
New York, NY

Thanks for the great service Piccadilly's. We just love our Autumn Leaves. And the free sketch is hanging in my husband's office.

We will be back. Tom really loves Arvid's work too.  

Mary and Tom H  
La Mesa, CA

Michelle was so surprised with A Rainy Day. It's beautiful and the frame was perfect. I told her I picked it out. She just laughed and said yea right. My next piece is going to be an original. Thanks to you and your staff.

Gary and Michelle
Cleveland, OH

Barbara, This is our 5th Butirskiy and we're starting to run out of wall space. He keeps getting better and better. 

Terry and Robert
Phoenix, AZ

Your Butirskiy show was a first for us. We've never bought good art before but you made our decision so easy and painless. Of course the free frame was the icing on the cake. Your show was great, we loved the wine and meeting your wife Barbara and Robert was fun. We want to come back next year. See you then, maybe sooner. My anniversary is in September.    

Dave and Jill 
Buffalo, NY

We drove in from Toronto for your show and was very impressed with your gallery. Loved the Rock Hall to. The artwork arrived yesterday. It was in perfect condition. When will you be sending us the pencil sketches? Will we get two since we purchased two? Thanks PJ

Bill and Jenny K
Toronto, CA

I don't send a lot of thank you notes but I must tell you how much Ed and I appreciated your coming to our house to hang the Butirskiys. Ed  hates to hang artwork because we never agree about how high. You made it perfect. You're such a professional. We never expected to buy three pieces at once but your payments helped make that happen. See you soon and we'll bring the wine.  

Ed and Shelly
Solon, OH

As a first-time purchaser, my fiancee and I had a wonderful experience at Piccadilly's. PJ took the time to explain and discuss every aspect of our purchase. Considering this was an over the phone purchase, I did not get the feeling PJ was pushing me into making a purchase, rather he made the entire experience wonderfuly easy. Now we are back for more. Piccadilly's is the place for us!!

Thank you for your wonderful customer service, we will be back!!
Hopefully, we can take a trip out to OH and see you and your galery inperson!!

Erik and Carolann

I love the frame for On Golden Pond. You did a perfect job. I will have to send a few pix of our Butirskiy pieces. But especially On Golden Pond looks like it belongs in our house.

Thanks again for everything,


Hi PJ, 

Ballroom arrived today. It does look outstanding. It fits so beautifully. Thank you very much for all your help. 

Boston, MA

Dear PJ,

Received the art today.  Got home around 10 pm from work and opened your package after a quick dinner.  The 2 prints are beautiful!  Especially the Morning Mist. 

Allen, TX


Hi PJ,

We've looked and everyone in the office loves it!

Thanks so much PJ for making this so easy!

Waltham, MA

Hi PJ,

As promised…’s the “Room with a View” on our library wall.   

My husband and I absolutely love it.  With the lighting we have on the work, it is unbelievably striking.  It has a place of honor in our home.

Lois E

I must compliment you on your customer service and wonderful personality that come over the phone so well.  I have dealt with other galleries that I found on the Internet regarding Butirskiy's work.  One of which made me feel like a lesser human being because I was buying only a giclee and not an original.  That is one of the reasons I decided to buy from you -- your warmth over the phone, your appreciation for me and my experiences, and your warm invitation to come to Butirskiy's show.   

 It was a pleasure doing business with you and I look forward to meeting you someday.

 Thank you again for all your help.  Can't wait to see the painting!



Arvid's crate is perfect in our wine cellar. It is so cool. He's amazing. Do you know that this is our third Arvid from you? I believe you warned us about his work being addicting. You're right. How many do you have now? Thanks again and we'll be back. When is he scheduled for another appearance. I wish we could attend.

David A
Scottsdale, AZ


We had the best time at Piccadilly's last weekend. You guys are having too much fun. Tell P.J. that the next time we stop in, we're bring in the wine.

Bob and Sammie P
Chagrin Falls, OH

PJ and Staff,

Your party last weekend was a blast. You guys always have the best parties. Now our neighbors want to come to the Sam Park show in May. John thinks we need another piece for the living room. See you soon and thanks again.

John & Kim T
Bratenahl, OH


We just received our Butirskiy. It looks better than ever. Thanks for the great service.

Randy K
Aurora, OH


It was the best Christmas gift I have even given Lee. He was thrilled. And your payment plan has been very helpful. We're not use to buying expensive art but your budget plan has made it painless. I can't thank you enough.

Findlay, OH


I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful service and packaging of my piece. You've made our holidays extra special and you really went above and beyond by stretching the art and packaging it so well. Very Impressive. Thanks. and I won't hesitate to refer all my friends and family to you.


Atlanta, GA

P.J. and Staff

Thank you for making this transaction so easy. You have been wonderful to work with. I just wish I lived closer to your gallery. I will let you know when it arrives, I can hardly wait to see it in person.

Thanks again for everything,

Clermont FL

We are so pleased with our Thomas Arvid Painting and we can't say enough on how professional and helpful P.J. was. We will for sure be buying more art work from Piccadilly's

Bakersfield, CA


We're mad we didn't fine you sooner! We purchased our first Gonzalez on Rodeo Dr. and now you tell me that I paid too much. I figured we did. I'll never go back to that gallery again. It's nice to find honest people like you. We trust you. I just wish it was sooner than later.

Happy New Year,

Anaheim, CA


You were right. We love it!!!! I can't believe how easy you made this. I would have never dreamed that I would be buying artwork off the internet. I can't wait to show the kids.

Sincerely grateful,

Hot Springs, AK


I just wanted to let you know how absolutely thrilled we were with Yankell's Urban Night Canyon. It's fabulous. We hung it in our entryway and it is breathtaking.


Harrisburg, PA


Thank you for packing our Sam Park so carefully. It arrived in perfect condition and is hanging in our living room. We enjoy it more and more, everyday. I can't believe how easy you made this. We'll be back. My wife has her eye on Amalfi Twilight.

Atlanta, GA


Thank you for making this transaction so easy. You have been wonderful to work with. Thanks again for everything.


Salinas, CA


My Unplugged arrived safely on Saturday. I'm really happy with it, including your framing. I really appreciate you making my first internet transaction so easy and perfect. We will be back.

Thanks again.

Brea, CA

Dear P.J.

We love it! I can hardly take my eyes off the painting it's so spectacular. Thank you for making everything so easy and we will be back in touch soon to purchase another one.

Bakersfield, CA


We just love our Ostrovsky piece. Thanks for your help. The rose tattoo personalization that Victor did was really perfect. We will not forget that. Nice touch. It was great working with you.

Thanks again.

Naples, FL

Dave, My wife and I received the "My Piano" today. Who did the packing? It was perfect. You were right about the frame choice too. Thanks for your help.

Chicago, IL


I just received your frame samples today. It's easy to make framing decisions when you send these "throw away" samples. No wonder people do business with you. I've never experienced such service over the net or at my own gallery.

Please use the dark cork frame on my When it Rains. It's really perfect. Cool, too.

Thanks for your help. We'll be back.

Scottsdale, AZ


Just want to take a moment to commend you for your outstanding collection of fine art. Just as important, customer service was outstanding. I plan on purchasing more works in the near future. Again, good job Piccadilly's!!!"---

Dr. JJK,
New Jersey

P.J. & John,

Thanks for helping me sell (get rid of) my Kinkade. I'm so glad you offer that resale service. To think that I made over one-thousand dollars on the piece and now have Park's Archway to Venice hanging in my home is great. What's even greater is that it cost me practically nothing to trade up to Park's work.

Akron, OH


Thanks for waiving the commission on my Kinkade. Go ahead and post the Prince of Peace.

Cleveland, OH


I have been buying artwork from various galleries around the country. You have offered me more information and service than all the others combine.

Your policies are unmatched and your actions truly speak louder than words.

I can understand what you meant when you said that most of your customers become friends and keep coming back for another piece of art.

Pittsburgh, PA


Your frame samples arrived and the cork frame is perfect for my Three Down. Call me when you're shipping. Much Thanks

Hollister, CA


Thanks for your help and information about Victor Ostrovsky. The images that you sent me were perfect. I can't wait to get the Distraction .

Philadelphia, PA


We received Sam's work yesterday and it was perfect. Thanks for your help and making this experience so enjoyable

Mountainair, NM

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