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Edward Gordon was born in Ocean City, New Jersey in 1940 and received a BA from Rutgers University. Over the past ten years. Edward has received numerous honors and awards including: Cover and Center Spread, Yankee Magazine, March 2000; The Artists Magazine, May 1995; Cover Competition, First Prize, Landscape Division, The Artists Magazine; Finalist in the 1994 Arts for the Parks Competition

Most recently, Edward was named "Painter of the Year" by the Spotlight Magazine's 1997/98 Readers Choice Awards in Portsmouth, NH. Gordon's work has also appeared in the November, 1997 and March 2001 issues Yankee Magazine. Edward achieves complete and painstaking precision in his renderings of textures colors and forms. Like photography, he deliberately softens the strong contrasts of the picture without blurring the forms.

He mellows the outline drawing with such perfection that it becomes impossible to detect under drawings. Edward creates a quiet beauty of a simple scene with fresh eyes, giving the viewer an idea of what he felt as he watched the light flooding through the windows and the colors and objects in the interiors.

He is a consummate draftsman with a keen eye depicting and engaging the viewer. His solitude evokes all one's senses , the smell and sounds of the ocean, the touch of objects, the doors, windows open to never-ending opportunities.

He paints in alkyds that are compatible with oil and dry quickly. The effects are similar to tempera. All originals are painted on masonite and primed with 10 coasts of gesso. He produces only four paintings a year. Thomas Charles Editions is the exclusive publisher of Gordon's giclees on canvas.

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