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If I Only Had A By Thomas Arvid

It's A Shore Thing By Thomas Arvid

"If I Only Had A..."
30 x 14
by Thomas Arvid

Easy Living By Thomas Arvid

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For the last decade, Screaming Eagle was the cult wine that everyone wanted to sample and add to their collection. Well, not this year. The vintners at JJ Cohn have produced what everyone is claiming to be the best of the best.

Thomas Arvid has also created what might be the best of the best, "If I Only Had a…" This wonderful composition, reflecting a cherished bottle of Scarecrow, is set on a simple background of warm taupe and coffee colors. The wine's label and the setting for the bottle are in perfect harmony, just like the wine itself.

The reflections on the bottle tell the story of a long day and a welcome time to kick back and relax with a great bottle of wine. The aroma from the glasses fill the air with anticipation of the first sip. The "Wizard of Oz" should be so lucky.

With an edition size of only 35 signed and numbered pieces and 35 artist proof editions, "If I Only Had a…" will be a memory, just like the bottle of Scarecrow. Act now before they are all gone.

Featured Wine: Scarecrow

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It's A Shore Thing By Thomas Arvid Easy Living By Thomas Arvid item9a Arvid

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