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So Napa by Thomas Arvid

Little Diamond by Thomas Arvid

"So Napa"
36 x 32
©Copyright Thomas Arvid Fine Art, Inc.

A Nice Bouquet by Thomas Arvid

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Prestigious wineries maintain a library of reserve vintages as special bottles, treats for a collector to enjoy as unique additions to their cellars.

"So Napa" delves into the Arvid "library" to explore the nuance of composition and movement that Thomas Arvin began to hone early in his career.  Painted several years ago in the buzz of evenings at Atlanta's Café Two To Tango, "So Napa" offers a glimpse into the past and Arvid's beginnings.

In the decade since he first start painting wine, Thomas has come along way from the "performance art" of painting among the diners of a busy café. His frequent trips around the country to attend gallery appearances and special event are like the performance art of the past: they allow Harvard to connect with collectors and fans.  "I love getting to meet the people who collect my art.... it keeps me grounded and constantly finding fresh angles on something to do every day."

Featured Wine: Silver Oak Cellars

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Little Diamond by Thomas Arvid A Nice Bouquet by Thomas Arvid item9a Arvid

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