Image of painting titled Nightfall by artist Alexei Butirskiy


20 x 29
By Alexei Butirskiy


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One can see the silhouette of a modern skyscraper in the background of Povarskya (Chef Street) in my native Moscow. Seven of these magnificent towering buildings were erected in Moscow in the 1950's to emphasize the might of the Soviet Union. They were well built, and it was the dream of many people to live in them. I use their ghostly and very recognizable images in a number of my paintings. I like to walk along the ancient streets in downtown Moscow, and I gladly submerge myself in the milieu of the old city. The arched passageway on the street is one of my favorite architectural details. The windows of the houses seem as eyes looking out on the urban scene. If buildings of such age could talk, what tales of violence, sorrow and love they could tell about what they have seen over the years.

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