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"Romantic Encounter"
Platinum Edition
30 x 34

Edition Size: 50
heavily embellished

By Alexei Butirskiy


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Romantic Encounter

Alexei has returned to the canals of Venice to find the perfect spot for his “Romantic Encounters.”

The rain has just stopped, and people are starting to get out and explore the night life, making their way to the outside cafes.

Butirskiy loves wet sidewalks and rainy evenings.

The water accentuates the warm glow from the street lights and shop windows.

For “Romantic Encounters” we have chosen a black distressed scoop frame with antique gold filet.

The silk bevel liner separates the frame from the canvas and is the perfect combination for this presentation.

The overall framed size for this work is 38 x 42.

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